Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to support our clients in building their real estate assets. In an increasingly complex market, it is difficult to find the right way to a financially secure future.

For a company that attaches great importance to asset consolidation, our explicit goal is to focus on the long term and on security, by concentrating on real estate.

We put the tax component at the centre of our considerations in order to maximise the return on your investments and to tap into your financial potential. The leveraging effect of real estate makes it possible to achieve top performance with ease.

Choose HERITAGE and optimise your financial position in the long term.With today’s potential, you can invest tomorrow.

Our organisation

The HERITAGE Group has established two organizations in order to separate the strategic areas of activity.


provides you with knowledge and insight into the real estate market to guide your decisions in the right direction.


plans and carries out the renovations that are crucial for tax savings.

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heritage renovations SA

  • Search for real estate
  • Planning tax optimisation
  • Organising financing
  • Purchasing transactions
  • Letting
logo heritage SA
heritage renovations SA

  • Assessment of feasibility
  • Planning renovations
  • Carrying out renovations

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